Livestock Production


Bovine Breeding

In 2004, a comprehensive and intensive livestock model of rebreeding and fattening activities was initiated, which at present has reached 60,000 head. This high pasture load productive model is based on tropical pastures (mulato / tanzania) with high protein content and volume—which we pioneered in the country—sorghum silage, corn, soybean expeller, deactivated bean waste and peanut hull. All the supplies are manufactured at the Company’s facilities.

Due to the excellent results obtained, the company has been able to replace more than 4000 hectares of good agricultural fields with pastures.

In addition to this development, there is a feedlot with a capacity of 60,000 head and the necessary infrastructure to meet operational demands.

The high quality of our farms has enabled us to please the most exacting clients in the Province of Salta, whose original suppliers were in Córdoba and Santa Fe, among other provinces.

With the current expansion plan that includes not only local supply but also meat export, our estimates indicate that we will reach a 80,000 head-capacity by 2020 / 2021.