Great Production Capacity

Desdelsur has three plants where its own production of beans and peanuts is processed for export. This production volume is supplemented by that obtained from partnerships with other producers and from direct purchases of natural products. These plants have a daily processing capacity of over 500 tons.

General Mosconi Processing Plant (Salta)

This is the first plant started by the company; it became operational in 2000. It is located alongside Route 34 in General Mosconi, Province of Salta, and has a capacity of 250 tons per day.

Zárate Processing Plant (Buenos Aires)

It is one of the most modern plants and has the largest processing capacity in South America. It was inaugurated in 2011 and is strategically located at 1.5 km from the port of Zárate. The plant is in a 9-hectare land lot, 6 hectares of which are used for storing natural products in silage bags with a capacity of 25,000 tons. Additionally, there is a 7,000 m2 facility with an end-product-storage capacity of 6,000 tons and a storage-silage capacity of 2,400 tons. This center has the right capacity and facilities for consolidating the storage of containers for export products. It has a capacity of almost 300 tons per day.

Peanut Processing Plant (Salta)

It is located inside the Company’s facilities in Tartagal. In 2008, the first investment stage took place with the construction of a pre-cleaning plant. En 2011, the second stage of the process was completed with the construction of dehulling facilities. It has a processing capacity of 150 tons per day (in peanut boxes).