Environmental Accountability


Our Commitment to the World

In this regard, Desdelsur has a distinguished tradition of great respect for the enforcement of and compliance with regulations, paying heed to expert advisors. The existing forest reserve is equivalent to more than 30% of the total surface area (approximately 12,500 hectares). This natural reserve is made up of wooded mountain ranges, 100 and 200 meter-wide perimeter barriers and protective barriers in every productive lot.

Based on an Environmental Impact and Management Study, which was approved by the Enforcement Authority of the Province in a timely manner, several sustainability monitoring programs and biodiversity and natural resource development control programs have been implemented for deploying the company´s agribusiness project, with special focus on soil fertility.

Said monitoring allows checking the environmental sustainability of human actions in the farm, so as to implement the necessary adjustment measures for correcting or mitigating negative impacts, if any, or for preventing them in the first place. This study is based on previously-performed surveys and variables that may be of interest are reviewed according to the production project (agriculture or livestock).

We have not inherited the land from our fathers,
but have borrowed it from our children.