Our History

It was founded in 1987 by José M. Macera, former Business Manager of the National Grain Board (Junta Nacional de Granos) with the aim of taking advantage of the opening of the Mexican bean market. Over the years, it has delved into other business sectors and acquired other assets becoming the main pulse exporter in Argentina.

Towards 1990, it started investing in a comprehensive development program in Tartagal/General Mosconi, Province of Salta with the purchase of a 5,000 hectare field, out of which only 300 hectares were under production. Capital investment came from family members, the main contributor being José´s brother, Guillermo E. Macera. First came a bean plantation followed by cotton, peanut, soybean, corn and safflower, among others.

Today, the company owns a total surface of 56,000 hectares, out of which 28,000 are under production, the rest being a forest reserve, in accordance with the applicable environmental protection regulations.

In addition to this undertaking, in 2004, the company began raising livestock, its current installed capacity amounting to 60,000 head in the case of feedlots and over 4000 hectares being allotted to pastures.