Social Accountability


Our Commitment to the Local Community

Organization is the foundation of progress; prosperity cannot be forged if the surroundings are overlooked. One must search for means of growth that have integration at their core. Good results are not an aim in themselves, but a means of improving living conditions in our surroundings.

The key is apparently to take advantage of comparative benefits, local resources, scalability, innovation and the incorporation of technology in order to compete in the international market and to promote local work and training.

Some of the activities we are carrying out are the following:

  • Construction and maintenance of access roads to neighboring locations.
  • Improvement of educational facilities.
  • Financial assistance to meal centers.
  • Healthcare for children, pregnant women and the elderly.
  • Ambulance equipped to provide care in case of emergencies in the neighboring community.
  • Exchange of animals with small nearby livestock producers to improve the racial quality of herds and seed supply for forage planting.
  • Cooperation agreements with groups of unemployed people for developing small undertakings. • Provision of bean waste to small entrepreneurs (breeders of chicken, pig, etc.).
  • Agreements of forest exploitation with neighboring native communities.

As regards our workplace, our aim is to set up well-trained work teams focused on health and safety, personal protection and technical development. We expect them to be proactive by suggesting and proposing creative ideas to improve the work environment.

We are also interested in the integration of families so that they can purchase decent homes, their children can be ensured proper education, can have access to other levels of education, are granted small loans for buying household appliances, receive the necessary assistance when facing difficult situations or while dealing with health conditions of family members.

They are the best capital of our organization.

“We have sowed the seed of an agribusiness project because we deeply trust the huge productive potential of this area.

We have organized a comprehensive and complex undertaking because we believe in the organizational and professional capacity of our people.

We have been able to develop and consolidate our achievements by seriously working in the strategic planning of our businesses to improve commercialization channels and generate more income in the region with greater investment, training, added value and state-of-the-art technology.

However, no results can be regarded as good if they do not generate progress and well-being all around us. No achievement deserves to be admired if it has not lit the magic spark of welfare in our surroundings.

And this path is followed day in day out. It has no end, only bends in the road that sometimes turn out to be pleasant surprises that motivate us to go on working earnestly and responsibly.

We have to strive to ensure the sustainable development of our region and welfare of future generations, knowing that there is no genuine progress if benefits are not enjoyed by all of us.”

Graciela Lena | Director GracielaLena